Foreign forces cause of tension in region: Spokesman

IRNA – Military presence of foreign countries is the main cause of tension and instability in the region, Foreign Ministry Spokesman said on Thursday evening.

Iran has repeatedly stressed that stability should be established, preserved and strengthened only by the regional states, Qasemi said while reacting to the latest anti-Iran statements made by the British deputy foreign secretary.

He reiterated that Iran’s missile tests are in line with the country’s defense programs and will by no means violates any of Tehran’s international obligations.

Establishment and consolidation of regional stability is Iran’s principle policy and it has always did its best to promote the level of security and stability in cooperation with regional states, the spokesman added.

Noting that Britain has been seeking to return to the Persian Gulf region, Qasemi said that the British officials are manipulating the situation in the region and this is a clear example of unconstructive and sabotaging role of foreign troops’ presence in the region.

British officials are showing a distorted image of realities in the region to justify their interventionist measures and this is an example of opportunistic actions to increase military presence in the Persian Gulf, the spokesman added.

Qasemi noted that Britain’s armed support for certain regional states to attack innocent people of Yemen and kill civilians, women and children in that country is a clear example of destabilizing measures in the region.