Iran’s first VP stresses strong determination to continue missile program

FNA- Iranian First Vice-President Eshaq Jahangiri underscored his country’s strong determination to continue progress in defense and missile programs.

“The powers that supplied our enemy with missiles those days (during the Iraqi-imposed war in 1980-1988), today speak with the Iranian nation with the language of threat from different corners of the world and say that if you don’t discard your missiles and don’t stop it, we will impose sanction against you,” Jahangiri said, addressing a ceremony in Tehran on Tuesday.

“Is such a nation which has experienced the war era going to adopt such a measure? Does any wise person deprive himself/herself of a defensive and deterrent weapon in this region,” he asked.

In relevant remarks in December, Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh underscored Iran’s self-sufficiency in different defensive fields, and said the country will powerfully continue its progress in manufacturing different missiles.

No matter what the enemies do and even if they try to impose restrictions on Iran, “we will not stop enhancement of our capability, knowledge and production in defense fields, specially the missile industry”, Hajizadeh said, addressing Iranian university officials and professors in Tehran.

Stressing the important role played by universities and academic centers in increasing Iran’s capabilities, he said, “Thanks God, today, we have gained self-sufficiency in different defense fields.”

Hajizadeh had also announced in December that the country has increased the number of its ballistic missiles, while increasing their precision-striking capability.

“In addition to enhancing the precision-striking power and quality of ballistic missiles, the Iranian authorities and experts have used innovative and shortcut methods to produce inexpensive missiles and today, we are witnessing an increase in production (of ballistic missiles),” General Hajizadeh said in Tehran.

Noting that Iran has settled its problems and become self-sufficient in the field of defense and military activities, specially in strategic fields, he said that the country’s experts have been able to boost missiles’ precision-striking power to the utmost.