Car bomb leaves 18 casualties in Iraqi capital

Press TV- The explosion of a car bomb has killed four Iraqi civilians and injured 14 others in the southwest of the Iraqi capital of Baghdad.

The Tuesday attack targeted the al-Sana’ei neighborhood of the city’s al-Baya’ district, which lies along the Baghdad Airport Road.

Separately, an armed drone operated by Daesh killed four civilians and wounded seven others in the northern city of Mosul’s al-Masaref neighborhood, Iraq’s al-Sumariah television network reported.

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The Takfiri terrorist group also staged rocket attacks against a northeastern area in Mosul, killing a child and injuring two other civilians.

Daesh named Mosul as its so-called headquarters in Iraq in 2014, when it unleashed its campaign of terror in the Arab country. The city has been under its control since then, but an offensive has been going on by the Iraqi armed forces since October last year to dislodge the terrorists there.

Iraqi soldiers stand guard outside a building during an ongoing military operation against Daesh terrorists, in Tal Kaif, in the northern city of Mosul, January 20, 2017,. (Photo by AFP)

The forces have driven the terrorists out of Mosul’s eastern half and are now pushing to liberate the remainder of the city.

On Monday, Iraq’s War Media said army warplanes had slain as many as 60 Daesh terrorists in Mosul’s Ayn al-Hessan and South Sharia neighborhoods.

The aerial operations also destroyed 18 of the outfit’s vehicles, some bomb-laden and some used to carry equipment around.