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Samsung launches new sales center in Iran

Financial Tribune- Samsung’s largest sales center opened in central Tehran last week. The store in the new Charsou Shopping Mall has been set up over an area of 820 square meters – making it the biggest of its kind in the country.

It has been designed as per the company’s international standards and was launched during a ceremony attended by local officials and Samsung representatives, according to a press release by the firm.

Regional president of the South Korean conglomerate Bumsuk Hong said: “the launch is a significant step in the distribution of products and offering of services in Iran.”

On the ground floor of the sprawling mall, the center offers a complete range of Samsung products namely mobiles, tablets, accessories, home appliances, TV and monitors.

Hong said the new place is not only a sales center. “It is an environment where people can see Samsung’s latest technology and electronic devices up close.”

One the primary aims behind the store is to familiarize Iranians with smart home technologies.

Also, in the TV department of the store, the company is showing its latest LED televisions and monitors which feature the new Samsung proprietary operating system known as Smart Hub Tizen. Visitors can check out the latest games and applications and get a hands on experience.

Samsung wants to create an exciting future with technology and innovation, said the head of mobile business at Samsung Electronics.

“We will be showcasing our top products and specialized technologies in an innovative manner,” Ali Jafarieh was quoted as saying.

The company, which never left the Iranian market despite sanctions, is one of the only major international brands to offer fully comprehensive servicing and guarantees in the country.

The brand also teams up with several local charities to offer technology services to disadvantaged groups. One example of this is the listening library for children and adults who are blind. That project was launched initially in Iran’s Gorgan province in the north of the country.

The flagship store comes as the company tries to rebuild its reputation globally from the failure of its flagship phablet Galaxy Note 7 in September last year which spontaneously combusted in users’ hands.

At the time the company’s local representative offered Iranian users refunds or replacement with other Galaxy phones even if they were not purchased from official outlets.