Judiciary to reconsider death penalty for drug traffickers

MNA – Judiciary spokesperson has reported on a proposal to the Iranian Parliament to make amendments to capital punishment law as regards drug trafficking.Gholamhossein Mohseni Ejei said the new bill sent by the Judiciary to the Parliament aims to modify coverage of death penalty for drug traffickers though it is still being investigated.

On the latest status of Iranian billionaire Babak Zanjani, charged with economic corruption among others, Mohseni Ejei said his verdict was being implemented.

The official however highlighted that Zanjani’s verdict was multi-faceted and death penalty was only a fragment in the overall sentence.

He underlined that the oil tycoon had to stay alive until all his properties were identified; “it still remains unknown whether the criminal holds properties outside the country and the Ministry of Intelligence has intensified its investigations in this regard.”

Mohseni Ejei maintained that death penalty for the other two defendants in the case had been cancelled as well as that indictment has not been announced against some respondents.

The Judiciary spokesperson reiterated that presence of the prime suspect was needed since a new defendant has been arrested.

Still in a different issue, Mohseni Ejei announced that eight terrorists in Alborz Province and some in other provinces have been arrested though no exact number of detainees is at hand.