Enemies urged to be careful when talking to Iranian nation

Tasnim – Lieutenant Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Brigadier General Hossein Salami advised enemies to be respectful and careful when addressing the Iranian nation.

“The enemies had better speak to the proud, resistant and strong-minded nation of Iran with respect and caution,” the senior commander told reporters in the southern port city of Bushehr on Monday.

Salami added that the massive turnout in rallies marking the Islamic Revolution anniversary on Friday demonstrated Iran’s greatness and might to the foes, especially the US.

The remarks seem to be in reaction to US President Donald Trump’s recent comment about Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani.

Trump said on Friday that President Rouhani “better be careful” after Rouhani was quoted as saying that anyone who speaks to Iranians with threats would regret it.

Trump made the comment when asked in a brief appearance in the press cabin aboard Air Force One about Rouhani’s remarks to a rally in Tehran to celebrate the 38th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.

It will make anyone who speaks to Iranians with the language of threats regret it, the Iranian president said in his address.