Advisor condemns Trump’s decision to put IRGC on terrorism list

FNA- A senior advisor at the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps deplored US President Donald Trump administration’s decision to designate the IRGC as a terrorist organization, stressing that Washington is escaping forward.

“The US administration and congress are escaping forward by keeping the public opinion away from Iran through the allegations about its support for terrorism in the world,” Advisor to the Supreme Leader’s Representative at the IRGC Yadollah Javani said on Monday.

Noting that the US, itself, is one of the major sponsors of terrorism in the world and has admitted creation of the ISIL terrorist group, he said, “Since the Islamic Republic and the IRGC have played the largest roles in thwarting the US plots against the region and prevented the Americans from attaining their goals through strengthening the terrorist groups, the US is now trying to lay pressure against the Islamic Republic and raises allegations about its support for terrorism.”

The White House has been weighing designating the IRGC and Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood as “Foreign Terrorist Organizations,” Trump administration officials familiar with the matter told CNN.

But, the officials said, Trump did not sign executive orders on the issue after US national security agencies warned the president about the consequences of such a move, the US news network reported on Thursday.

President Trump was scheduled to sign the IRGC order on Monday during his visit to the US Central Command (CENTCOM)’s headquarters in Tampa, Florida, but the plan was put on hold after the State and Defense Departments expressed “serious objections,” according to the officials.

The IRGC Quds Force, commanded by Major General Qassem Soleimani, is well known in the region and the world for its assistance to the regional countries, specially Iraq and Syria, in fighting against the terrorist groups.