55 million eligible to vote in presidential elections

MNA– Head of State Electoral Headquarters has said in future presidential elections, 1.2 million people will vote for the first time.

Mr. Ali Asghar Ahmadi who was speaking to press on Saturday said that the Foreign Ministry would help in receiving votes of Iranians abroad; “140 ballot boxes will collect the votes cast in presidential elections of May 2017; we prepare for a second round of the presidential elections should no candidate succeed in securing enough votes to win the elections; the second round should be held one week after the first round,” he added.

“200 million ballot papers will be provided for the ballot centers; the law on City Council elections asserts that would-be candidates should register with the Headquarters by March 22,” Ahmadi told the press.

Ahmadi however did not rule out possibility of changes in registration date since Parliament was preparing an emergency bill to mandate a sooner date for registration; “otherwise March 22 will be the date on which we plan things,” he added.

On ban on using public resources for campaign trail and defamation of other candidates, Ahmadi said that the law strictly banned the sabotage acts and defamation against rival candidates; “Judiciary will receive lawsuits of the election campaign, with the Headquarters closely watching the whole process,” he detailed.