Yemenis new strategy against Saudi aggression: “City for City, Capital for Capital”

Alwaght– Two top Yemeni political and military officials have confirmed that a missile attack was carried out against the Saudi capital of Riyadh as an outcome of cooperation between the army and the popular mobilization forces, drawing new strategy in response to the Saudi-led Arab military coalition’s aggressions against Yemen.

Muhammad Meftah, a top member of Yemen’s Supreme Revolutionary Committee, in an interview with Alwaght has confirmed that the Yemen military has achieved advanced ballistic missiles, adding that the Yemen’s new strategy in the face of the Saudi aggressions is based on the principle “city for city and capital for capital.” He added that the holy cities of “Mecca and Medina are an exception” in the new reactive strategy.

The top Yemeni SRC official less than a day after Yemen’s anti-Riyadh missile strike maintained that ” This type of missiles are designed by the Yemeni experts and will be mass-produced and used to react to the Saudi-led Arab military coalition’s assaults against Yemen.”

Hamid Abdulqader Antar, a top commander in Yemen army’s special forces, also in a separate interview Alwaght noted that as the Saudi attacks saw a buildup, Yemen has adopted new strategy in a bid to put strains on Saudi Arabia to force-stop the Arab alliance’s strikes on the Yemeni cities and infrastructures. He said if the aggressors continue their bombing campaign, Yemen will take reciprocal measures.

According to local media reports, the targeted Saudi military base is only 40 kilometers away from Riyadh. The Saudi defense ministry so far declined to comment on veracity of the reports but some Saudi citizens made posts on Twitter, maintaining that the missile hit a military camp in Al-Muzahemiyah region located in Riyadh’s west.