Iran’s science production upgrades 130 times after Islamic revolution

February 8, The Iran Project – The number of scientific documents by the Iranian researchers indexed in Scopus scale after the Islamic Revolution has hit 397,212 cases, upgrading Iran’s science production by 130 times, Scopus Database recently reported.

Mohammad Javad Dehghani, Head of Islamic World Science Citation Database (ISC) said Scopus Database has documented all the articles by the Iranian researchers since 160 years before the Islamic Revolution.

Comparing the number of scientific documents indexed in Scopus scale before and after the Islamic revolution, it is shown that Iran’s science production has improved by 130 times during the 38 years since the Islamic Revolution, head of ISC added.

He went on to say that as Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said, Iran’s scientific movement was stopped during the Qajar and Pahlavi dynasties for some specific reasons, but the victory of the Islamic Revolution greatly influenced the country’s scientific advancement to the extent that after the revolution, the growth rate of science production in the country is 130 times higher than before.

Answering the question which subject areas have had the most scientific production since the Islamic revolution, Dehghani enumerated five areas of Engineering Sciences, Medical Sciences, Humanities and social sciences, Fundamental sciences and agricultural sciences among them fundamental sciences had the highest growth rate.