Iran heads of three branches meet

Rouhani: All govt. branches support investment

IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday that Iran’s establishment and all the three branches of government support investment and economic activities.

President told reporters on the sidelines of the joint meeting of the three branches of government that people should feel they are in full security in terms of investment and economic activities.

He said over past 10 months, 20,000 small- and medium-sized industrial units have been activated, which means a move has begun towards economic vibrancy and the ground should be further prepared for the country’s economic progress.

President Rouhani noted that in their session on Tuesday, all three branches of government had discussed domestic issues, mainly economic ones, and over the past months the government had taken good steps in light of support by other branches of government.

“Today, more suitable haven has been provided for domestic and foreign investment and the atmosphere should be more open and conditions get more suitable for the business to provide people with better life.”