Germany to support Iran’s economic sector: Envoy

February 4, The Iran Project – A senior German official has expressed Berlin’s interest to particularly support the Islamic Republic of Iran’s economic sector.

On the sidelines of Iran’s Energy Minister Hamid Chitchian visiting the 7-megawatt solar power plant in Hamedan province on Saturday, German Ambassador to Tehran Michael Klor-Berch said Hamedan solar power plant is a proper example of Germany’s successful investment in Iran.

Saying that Iran and Germany have suitable fields for renewable energy, Michael Klor-Berch appreciated Iran’s Energy Minister for Iran’s cooperation with Germany in constructing solar power plant.

Hamedan Solar power plant project was one of the outcomes of Iran’s landmark nuclear deal with world powers, he noted.

Germany did its utmost to conclude the nuclear deal, he emphasized, adding the country will continue supporting the agreement.

In June 2016, a senior Iranian official underlined Germany’s keen interest in partnership in Iran’s infrastructural projects, and said Berlin will construct a solar power plant and other facilities in the country.

German 12-member delegation held a meeting with Hamedan (Province)’s governor-general, saying the country will invest $2.9 billion in Hamedan over a 10-year period and each year, solar panels and other facilities which use solar power (including power plants) will be built in in Hamedan.