Habibollah Sayyari

Navy commander downplays US Congress bill against Iran

FNA- Iran’s Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari played down the US Congress bill which authorizes the president to launch a preemptive war on Iran at any time of his choice and without any further Congressional oversight or input, stressing the Iranian Armed Forces’ preparedness to respond to any threats.

“In defending the country, the Armed Forces and beside them the Navy don’t pay attention to different US presidents’ positions and we are only after enhancing our defense power, and thanks God, we are becoming more powerful in this field everyday,” Rear Admiral Sayyari told reporters in Tehran on Tuesday.

“We don’t attach importance to anyone’s position and today, the country’s defense power is at a high level and we are standing against any threat and respond to it,” he underlined.

In relevant remarks earlier this month, Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Navy Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi underlined that his forces are fully prepared to give a crushing and proper response to the enemies’ threats, adding that the IRGC Navy is powerfully deployed in the Southern waters of Iran which is the most possible source of threats against the country.

“We have formed and organized our defense power to give an appropriate and strong response to repel the biggest threats,” Rear Admiral Fadavi said, addressing a gathering in the Southern port city of Bandar Abbas.

He added that nearly 90% of the IRGC Navy’s capability and capacities have been focused in the Southern parts of Iran.

Also in May, Rear Admiral Fadavi said the enemies, specially the US, don’t even think of attacking Iran for fear of a huge backlash to its interests.

“Due to the presence of IRGC forces, the Americans do not dare to get near the Iranian borders,” the IRGC Navy commander told reporters.

Referring to the failed US wars of the past decade, he said, “Washington seeks to weaken and marginalize countries that follow the Iranian Revolution as their role model; however, this is doomed to fail too.”

“The US presence in the region causes insecurity and therefore it should leave,” Rear Admiral Fadavi added.