Zarif hails 515 years of Iran-Russia ties

MNA– In a message on the occasion of 515 years of Iran-Russia historical ties, FM Zarif said continuous cultural exchanges between the two countries will help expansion of political and trade relations as well.

“Holding a conference and an exhibition of historical documents on the occasion of five centuries of relations between Iran and Russia is an important and valuable step in further development of trade and political ties between the two countries,” Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said in a message on Monday.

Noting that few countries in the world have as deep and historical relations as Iran and Russia, Zarif added “as neighboring countries, Iran and Russia need to have far more extensive relations. The development of such ties will not only benefit the two countries in all possible fields, but also is an important factor in bringing about security, stability and development to regions such as Central Asia and the Middle East.”

“No doubt, the successful holding of this conference will leave behind a good impression of the two countries’ relations which can open up new doors to further interaction among their people and cultures and help cement bilateral ties,” he added.

Zarif went on to voice confidence that exchange of views among scientific and cultural experts of the two countries will create a new opportunity for boosting cultural diplomacy and strengthening bilateral cooperation in various fields.

Foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov also issued a message on this occasion, commending the constructive relations between Tehran and Moscow which are based on equality of rights, mutual respect, friendship and trust.

“We gladly welcome the progressive development of bilateral cooperation in all areas such as foreign policy, defense, economy and culture,” he said.
“Under agreements reached between the leaders of our governments, we are fully resolved on expansion of bilateral cooperation and seeking effective solutions to regional and global issues and crises such as international terrorism and extremism, as well as the situation in Syria,” he added.