Relations with Europe promoted: Iran deputy FM

ISNA – The level of relations between Iran and Europe is more than normal level, Iran’s deputy foreign minister stressed, pointing to upcoming travel of French foreign minister and future visit of Sweden prime minister to Tehran.

“The visit is following the recent negotiations that we had with Paris before,” Iran’s deputy foreign minister for European and American Affairs Majid TakhtRavanchi said about the visit of France foreign minister Jean-Marc Ayrault to Iran on Monday.

“In the last visit of Iran president Hassan Rouhani to Paris, several agreements in different areas have been signed between the two countries that we see the results day by day,” he added. “During the first Iran-France joint economic commission the signed agreements will be reviewed again and besides the bilateral issues we will discuss about regional issues in order to be familiar with each other’s approaches.”

“We didn’t have any negotiations with Trump’s team. There was, and will no plan in this regard,” he said about the possibility of negotiation with US President Donald Trump’s team through the available lobbies.

“Sweden prime minister heading an economic and political delegation will visit to Tehran February 10-12. The two countries can cooperate in different areas such as energy and automotive industry,” TakhtRavanchi announced. “The visit shows that the level of relations between Iran and Europe promoted from the normal level.”