Flood in Sistan and Balouchestan

Six die in Sistan-Baluchestan floods

Financial Tribune- Heavy rainfall in the past week in Sistan-Baluchestan Province caused flooding in 13 counties: Kenarak, Chabahar, Nikshahr, Fanouj, Iranshahr, Bazman, Dalgan, Khash, Qasrqand, Sarbaz, Mehrestan, Sib-Suran and Saravan, and led to the death of six people, said Reza Arbabi, director general of the provincial Crisis Management Office.

The floodwaters led to road accidents resulting in the death of five persons and injuries to 9 people. A 65-year-old resident was killed by falling debris in Khash County.

The downpour caused power cuts in Khash County, and ten roads including the main Dalgan-Iranshahr and Dalgan-Zeh-e kalut were temporarily closed, but most of the roads reopened on Friday, IRNA reported.

IRCS relief and rescue teams were rushed to the affected counties. “During the last week, contingency services including draining flood waters from residences and transferring injured people to hospitals were provided to 1,675 flood-stricken families (7,775 people). Also, emergency shelters and tents were provided to 1,186 families (5,545 people),” said Rasoul Rashki, head of the provincial Iranian Red Crescent Society.

More than 1,675 residential units were also damaged (10%-80%) in the heavy rainfall and flooding. The government plans to lend $5000 (200 million rials) at 4% to households to help renovate damaged homes.

Although the heavy rainfall caused great damage and the loss of six lives, many residents hailed the downpour as the province has been facing severe drought and a long dry spell during the past decade.

With a desert climate and long hot summers, there is virtually no rainfall all year long in the province. The average rainfall is less than 105mm. The week-long downpour revived the hopes of the people.

Sistan-Baluchestan lies in the southeastern part of the country and has a population of more than 2.5 million people as per the last census in 2011.