Iran-China-Russia-Pakistan to cooperate for strengthening regional peace

January  28, The Iran Project –An Iranian senior official has stressed the need to boost Iran, China, Russia and Pakistan’s strategic cooperation to strengthen regional peace and security and economic prosperity.

Speaking at a press conference with Pakistani media on Friday, Chairman for the Committee for Foreign Policy and National Security of Iran Alaeddin Boroujerdi said considering the significant regional developments, the formation of four-nation alliance to establish regional peace is a necessity, referring to Iran, Russia, Syria, and Iraq’s think-tank has been formed about two years ago.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Boroujerdi emphasized on Iran-Pakistan’s long-lasting friendly relations, pointing to his three-day visit to Islamabad where the two sides highlighted the need for the expansion of bilateral ties in all-out fields, as well as strengthening cooperation in the field of security, including combating terrorism and drug trafficking.

When asked whether Iran would mediate between India and Pakistan regarding Kashmir dispute,the senior Iranian politician stated that due to Iran’s friendly relation with India and Pakistan, it is willing to mediate between the two countries over the issue of Kashmir if both sides ask the Islamic Republic to do so.

Responding to another question about Afghan conflict, he said that Afghans need to take decision of their future themselves, emphasizing the need for ‘intra-Afghan dialogue’.