FM: US travel ban blatant insult to Muslims, Iranians

IRNA – Foreign Ministry on Saturday issued a statement to call the decision made by US administration to pose travel ban to the country as ‘blatant insult’ to world Muslims as well as the Iranian nation.

The full text of the statement reads as follows:
The decision made by the United States of America to impose ban on travel of Muslims to the US, even for an interim period of three months, is regarded as a blatant insult to the world Muslims, mainly the great Iranian nation, the statement read.

Despite their false claim of campaign against terrorism and guaranteeing the security of the American people, the move will be registered as a big gift by extremists and their supporters in history, it said.

Under the current circumstances, where the international community requires dialogue and convergence in targeting the root cause of violence and extremism and even when the UN general assembly has ratified the proposal of the Iranian president for a global campaign against violence unanimously, the uncalculated measure of the US administration to discriminate civilians of Islamic countries will only deepen discords and prepare the ground for abusing situation, while encouraging spread of violence and extremism.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is responsible to safeguard dignity of Iranian nationals inside and outside the country and is to closely monitor the short- and mid-term impacts of the decision of the US administration and it is to take appropriate legal, consular and diplomatic measures to that end.