Austria seeks cooperation with Isfahan

IRNA – Vice-Minister of Austrian Federal Ministry of Economy, Research and Sciences, Bernadette Gierlinger, said grounds for cooperation between Austrian companies and Isfahan in different fields are prepared.

In a meeting with Governor General of Isfahan, Rasoul Zargarpour, on Wednesday, Gierlinger said Isfahan as one of the world’s wonderful cities has good capacities for tourism.

He said considering experiences of Austria in this field, it could be the main axis of cooperation between Isfahan and Austria.

Referring to Isfahan problems in the fields of shortage of water, drought and environment, Gierlinger said there exists plenty of opportunities for bilateral cooperation in the fields of green technologies, water and sewage, tourism and environment.

Considering establishment of direct flight between Isfahan and Vienna, Gierlinger said this will play important role in development of bilateral cooperation.

She said Austrian banks have no problem for cooperation with Iran and now they are considering more tactics to develop cooperation with Iran.

She added that the two countries have compiled a road map to implement their plans.

Gierlinger said value of trade between Iran and Austria in 2015 was 260 million euros, which increased in 2016 to 300 million euros.

She expressed pleasure for Iran’s nuclear deal and said the JCPOA prepared the ground for expansion of cooperation between Iran and Austria.

Vice-Minister of Austrian Federal Ministry of Economy welcomed cooperation agreement signed between Salzburg province of Austria and Isfahan and said through the agreement the two sides may cooperate in the fields of tourism, green technologies, water and environment.

Austrian former President, Heinz Fischer, visited Iran in September 2016 at the head of high-ranking delegation, comprising economic activists, and had one day visit to Isfahan.

Provinces of Isfahan and Salzburg signed cooperation MoU in November 2016 to cooperate in the fields of tourism, environment, industry, art, water, technology and exchanging universities students and professors.

The first direct flight from Vienna to Isfahan took place on September 5, 2016 by Austrian Airline.