S. Arabia slaughtering Yemenis: Major cleric

IRNA – Tehran Temporary Friday Prayers Leader Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Movehhedi-Kermani said that while Saudi Arabian foreign minister tells Iran not to interfere in Yemen’s internal affairs, they themselves are slaughtering the Yemenis and have turned the country into piles of debris.

Addressing congregational prayers on Friday, he added that when Saudi officials say President Assad should step down either peacefully or militarily, they are meddling in that country’s affairs.

Lashing out at the Saudi and Bahraini rulers, he said that painful cries of the Yemenis and Bahrainis will certainly shake their governments’ pillars and demolish them.

The cleric also called on the Yemeni and Bahraini oppressed people to resist against the crimes.

Elsewhere in his speech, he addressed US newly-elected President Donald Trump, saying, ‘You stepped in the While House with the slogans of serving the nation and reviving the country, saving Americans from hunger and poverty and not interfering in other countries’ affairs and you should try to fulfill your promises.’

Movehhdi-Kermani warned Trump not to break his promises and adhere to the
commitments towards the people.

‘Of course, you should not make mistake in distinguishing terrorists,’ he said, ‘and should know that those who are defending their countries and lives are not terrorists.’

US previous governments have defamed themselves through beating war drums and supporting warmongers and wasting the county’s budget and wealth, he said, urging Trump not to repeat the mistakes of his predecessors.

Ayatollah Movehhdi-Kermani also called on the officials to learn from Plasco building fire and collapse and prevent the repetition of the incident.

Palsco Building caught fire on January 19 and came down hours later, burying the firefighters trying to put out the fire.