Iran, Russia sign roadmap on nuclear fuel production

Press TV- Iran and Russia have reached an agreement on a roadmap for joint cooperation in the area of nuclear fuel production, a senior nuclear official says.

Behrouz Kamalvandi, the spokesman for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), told IRNA Friday that the agreement was signed during his recent visit to Russia.

The nuclear official further called the accord important “given that what we seek from [uranium] enrichment is to become able to generate fuel.”

Iran managed to produce the 20-percent-enriched fuel it needed to run its research reactor in Arak itself, said Kamalvandi, adding, however, that generating the fuel required to run power plants is a “complicated process,” a field in which Russia has good experience.

The official also reported singing of another bilateral agreement during his Russia visit featuring cooperation in the field of producing stable isotopes, which have applications in medical and industrial fields.

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The deal, he said, is to be implemented at Iran’s Fordow nuclear facility, making Iran the forth place in the world where such isotopes are produced alongside Russia itself, the US, and the European Energetics Corporation (Eurenco) in France.

The official said his trips also included discussion on the timing, in line with which Russia was to cooperate with Iran in building the Islamic Republic’s second and third nuclear power plants after the one in the southern city of Bushehr.