Diplomatic Sources: Russia not to leave Tehran alone in confrontation against Washington

FNA- Moscow will never turn its back on Iran in case of any confrontation between Tehran and Washington, Russian diplomatic sources said.

“If (Donald) Trump wants to tear up the nuclear deal (with Iran), Russia will never leave Iran alone in the confrontation against the US and we should remember that no nuclear deal existed in the absence of excellent coordination between Iran and Russia,” the sources told FNA on Wednesday.

They also described Trump’s remarks on building air defense shields against what he called as threats by Iran and North Korea as “propaganda”, and said, “Moscow will play an active role in bringing Washington and Tehran’s views closer as long as Russia and Iran are allies.”

Noting that existence of some differences between Tehran and Moscow are natural, the sources said that Russia assumed the US presence in Astana peace talks on Syria as necessary given the flexibility needed to resolve the crisis and “of course Iran is entitled to protest at the decision given the US threats against the nuclear deal”.

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Jaberi Ansari and his Russian counterpart Alexander Lavrentiev in a meeting in Astana on Tuesday discussed bilateral ties and regional developments.

During the meeting, Jaberi Ansari and Laverntiev underlined the need for reaching a peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria.

Astana international meeting on peace in Syria kicked off on Monday with the participation of delegations form the Syrian government, opposition groups as well as the three countries of Iran, Russia and Turkey who back the ongoing ceasefire in Syria and it came to an end on Tuesday evening upon announcement of a tripartite declaration.