Mohammad Farhadi

Minister: Scientific sanctions against Iran not effective

IRNA – Scientific sanctions against Iran have had no effect and Iran is developing cooperation in post-JCPOA era, Minister of Sciences, Research and Technology Mohammad Farhadi said.

Farhadi told IRNA on Sunday that foreign universities welcome cooperation with Iranian scientific centers.

‘International cooperation of Iranian universities in scientific fields has had amazing progress during the last year,’ he said.

‘Fortunately, after the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) on January 16, 2016, various MoUs have been signed between Iranian and foreign universities,’ he added.

‘Many countries like Japan, South Korea, China, Russia, France, Germany, Austria, etc have called for boosting scientific cooperation and various MoUs were also sealed,’ he said.

Farhadi reiterated that joint training and research courses with foreign universities are underway.

”Over 140 joint scientific researches have been carried out with the European universities and MoUs were also signed with the European Union,’ he said.

‘Some 7-8-million-euro projects have been launched between Iran and EU members,’ he added.

‘Regarding the scientific conditions in Iran, even if a country tended to break agreements with us, it would have no influence on science acceleration in Iran’ he said.

The nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers was signed in 2015 and came into effect in January 2016. The six world powers were committed to lifting sanctions against Iran and the country in turn agreed to limit some of its nuclear program in certain areas.