Iran-Iraq gas pipeline goes into operation Tuesday: minister

Iraqi News– Baghdad ( Iran will begin next Tuesday the operation of a pipeline supplying natural gas to Iraq, Iran’s oil minister said Saturday.

Bijan Zangeneh was quoted by Iranian agency Tasnim as saying that the pumping of natural gas through the pipeline begins are slated to begin on Tuesday based on a memo signed by both countries in 2009.

The deal involves Iranian supplies between 20-25 million cubic meters of gas to Iraq. It was supposed to go into force in 2013, but was delayed by security issues in Iraq. Its enforcement this week crowns two months of intensive negotiations.

Last October, the two countries signed a similar deal, but stipulates 25-40 million cubic meters to an oil station in Iraqi’s province of Basra.

Also on Saturday, Iraq’s oil ministry said Basrah Gas Company exported a 1500-ton shipment of liquefied natural gas (LNG), its first during 2017. Daily LNG production by the company has also surged to 4300 tons per day, the ministry said.

It said condensates exports stood at 22300 cubic meters for Saturday.