Intelligence min. dismisses claims of sabotage, terrorism

MNA– Minister of Intelligence Mahmoud Alavi dismissed any sign of sabotage and deliberate destruction of Plasco building, caught fire and collapsed on Thursday.

Visiting the site of the collapsed Plasco high-rise in downtown Tehran on Saturday evening, Minister of Intelligence Mahmoud Alavi told reporters that up to this moment we have faced no signs, information or indication of sabotage and deliberate destruction of Plasco building.

He added, we consider all the evidences and signs to take necessary measures in case the incident is a terrorist act.

“In the early hours of the incident, there were speculations of a terrorist attack, however, all the signs and evidences were examined and the chance was rejected,” he noted.

The 17-storey trade center, dating from the early 1960s and including a shopping centre and clothing workshops, caught fire on Thursday morning and collapsed in three hours.

The rescue operations are ongoing since the early hours of tragic incident; rescuers have retrieved three dead bodies of firefighters as their colleagues were looking for possible survivors with specialized life detectors.

Tehran Mayor Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf said the debris removal will last a week within a specified time.

He added seven families have referred so far to the police stations to inform their missing members.