Leader urges saving lives of trapped firefighters

MNA– Leader of the Islamic Revolution has issued a message of condolence for Thursday’s collapse of Plasco building in central Tehran.

Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei expressed deep sorrow and concern over the blaze and collapse of the building in a busy area of Tehran. It extended eulogies to those firefighters who endangered their own lives out of the call of duty to save the lives of people; “the receptive hearts would only admire the firefighters but also become full of sorrow for their entrapment under the rubble,” said the message.

“Currently, all efforts should focus on saving of the firefighters trapped in the site; the finding causes and possible contributing factor now remains as only second priority; I call all authorities to focus all resources on saving the highly commendable firefighters to respond properly to their great work on rescue operations,” the statement suggested.