President Assad: Astana talks to focus on ceasefire, conciliation

Al Manar– Syrian President Bashar al-Assad expected that the upcoming Syrian peace talks in Astana will focus on ceasefire rather than political dialogue.

In an interview with Japanese channel TBS, Assad said the talks will also tackle conciliation between the Syrian sides.

“We don’t have, let’s say, expectations concerning Astana talks. But we have hopes that this conference will be a platform for talks between various Syrian sides on everything.”

“But I think that at first, the talks will focus on ceasefire in a bid to save the people’s lives and to allow the access of humanitarian aids to all Syrian areas.”

The Syrian leader noted that it was not clear whether there would be a political dialogue during the talks “because it is still not clear who will take part in the talks.”

“We think that the conference will take the form of talks between the government and the terrorist groups in a bid to reach a ceasefire and an agreement that allows these groups to take part in the Syrian conciliation.”

In this context, Assad noted the conciliation means that these groups lay down their arms and be pardoned.

“This is the only thing that we can expect right now.”