Bahram Qassemi

Tehran condemns 3 Bahraini prisoners’ capital punishment

IRNA – Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qasemi on Sunday strongly condemned execution of three Bahraini prisoners.

Lack of transparency in unfair trial process of the three Bahraini citizens was confirmed by international community, human rights and all popular bodies all around the world, Qasemi added.

He said doing such uncalculated move Bahraini government showed again that is not looking for a peaceful solution and finding a way to end crisis in Bahrain.

Qasemi underlined that Bahraini government is insisting to use security tactics and oppressing defenseless protestors.

The spokesman said when Bahraini people, political and religious leaders as well as international circles are underlining settlement of the crisis through holding dialogue and interaction, the government by intensifying security approaches, imposing limitations and pressures on the opposition leaders and hanging political prisoners is blocking the way for any kind of talks and dialogues, while pushing country toward a full political blockage.

Continuing the path, the Bahraini rulers Bahraini have held themselves accountable for consequences of the extremist measures and behaviors.