Social media research data released by MIS

Financial Tribune- The official portal of Measuring Information Society (MIS) of Iran has released data indicating that some 65% of Iranian Internet users are active on social media.

It did not give the size of the sample group.

According to MIS, 71% of users utilized call and messaging applications, like Telegram, WhatsApp and IMO.

The study was conducted in the month ending March 21, 2016, Mehr News Agency reported.

The MIS also did not stipulate why it has taken 10 months to release the data.

One of the findings is that only 8% of users have been producing content, like writing posts on Telegram.

Another 2% developed applications like artificial intelligence ‘bots’ that  communicate with users while 3% had designed web pages like corporate accounts.

Moreover, another 6% shared videos, pictures and written content including apps like Instagram.

However, the statistics shows that barely 1% of the people were blogging, denoting a shift to other online sites and a departure from the now old-fashioned form of expression.

The society says Iranian Internet users remain on the whole consumers of  online information rather than producers.

According to the report, 37.5% of the questioned users accessed e-government services and 42% used e-commerce websites for shopping.

The report shows that people between 20 to 29 had the biggest share among those using the Internet with 74.7%.

After taking office in 2013, the Rouhani administration has offered support to and invested in online content production.

It also has eased access to 3G and 4G internet services while the Telecoms Ministry has been instructed to facilitate faster and cheaper access to the Internet in the rural and remote regions.