Iran capable of returning to pre-deal nuclear status

MNA– AEOI deputy Asghar Zarean said in case of any violations of the nuclear deal by other sides, Iran has the capability to return its nuclear industry to pre-JCPOA status.

Speaking to reporters Saturday night, Deputy Head of the Atomic Energy Organization Asghar Zarean made the remark on the sidelines of visiting the country’s nuclear achievements at Natanz nuclear facilities in Isfahan.

“We have made all the necessary predictions in case the Establishment comes to the conclusion that we need to go back to the pre-JCPOA conditions,” he said, while referring to the possibility of other sides’ violation of Iran’s nuclear deal.

He went on to add, “today, thanks to the links established among various sections of the country’s nuclear industry with universities, we are capable of obtaining any amount of enrichment that we desire.”

He maintained that the country has so far exported 70 tons of heavy water produced at Arak Heavy Water Reactor to the United States and Russia; “we received the money before the shipment was sent to the US,” he added.

He also noted that the amount of heavy water sold to Russia will meet a part of the country’s need for 2017.

Stressing that Arak heavy water complex has the capacity of producing 20 tons of this product per year, he added “today, many European countries have voiced interest in purchasing Arak’s heavy water.”