Infertility treatment

Financial Tribune- So far, 4,250 infertile couples have been identified and listed under an infertility treatment plan called ‘Barekat-e-Khanevadeh’ (Family Blessing), and the treatment process for 1,602 couples has begun or completed, resulting in a total of 125 pregnancies and 40 live births. The infertility treatment program is conducted by Barekat Foundation (affiliated to Setad which is a special office for executing the decrees of Imam Khomeini in helping the underprivileged).

The foundation has allocated 100 billion rials ($2.5 million) to the project so far which is in line with the population policy decreed by the Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei to enhance population growth,  IRNA reports.  The plan has been underway since April 2015 in Iran’s underprivileged areas in 10 provinces and all infertile couples between the ages 20-40 years can benefit from the specialized treatments free of charge.