Senior MP calls for Iran’s participation in Afghan peace talks

FNA- A senior Afghan lawmaker underlined that his country needs Iran’s active participation in the peace talks between the Kabul government and Taliban group.

“Iran’s presence will bring about good results and accelerate the unification process,” Senior Lawmaker Ali Kazzemi said on Wednesday.

He reiterated Afghanistan should seek help from Iran, Russia, China and Pakistan in order to remove the existing peace obstacles.

In relevant remarks in late December, a senior Pakistani politician and political analyst underlined that Iran as an important neighbor of Afghanistan is needed to take part in the Afghan peace talks.

“Iran’s inclusion in any peace process on Afghanistan is very important as Iran has a large border with Afghanistan,” Former Pakistani Ambassador to Afghanistan Rostam Shah Mohmand said.

He reiterated that Iran’s role in any peace process cannot be disregarded as the country hosts a large population of Afghan refugees.

“The sovereignty of Afghanistan as an independent country must be recognized and it should be made part of deliberations in future,” Mohmand said.