Iranian teenage girl pulls 3 cars with teeth

IRNA – Iranian 16-year-old girl Faezeh Sarlak pulled three cars with her teeth 4.06 meters to register her name in the World Federation.

Sarlak pulled the cars on Saturday with the attendance of officials of Khuzestan province and the representatives of Iran Sport for All Federation.

She is the first Iranian female athlete who has been able to drag three cars with teeth, but her record should still be recognized by Guinness World Records.

The least distance assigned by World Federation to register a record in the field was 3 meters and Sarlak has managed to move three cars 1.6 meters more.

‘Based on Guinness world regulations, an athlete is permitted to repeat his moves three times and Sarlak gained her highest record in the third stage,’ Head of Sport Records Committee of Iran Sport for All Federation Hadi Rezaie said.