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Rich soil for cultivating saffron found in western Iran

Trend News Agency– Rich soil has been found and recently used for cultivating saffron in the western Iranian province of Lorestan.

This is while Khorasan Province has been traditionally known as the birthplace of saffron cultivation in Iran.

“Our saffron’s crocin number is 277, which is far greater than that of the famous Momtaz Mashhad with a crocin number of 220 cultivated in Khorasan Province,” Fatemeh Amiri, founder and manager of Bahar Shafaq Khorramabad Agriculture Cooperative at Belilvand Village told Trend at an exhibition in Tehran.

Crocin number is an indicator of the amount of color and flavor that saffron can give.

Amiri said she started farming saffron in 2009, when she reaped half a kilo of the precious product.

“This year our product was 12 times more than the year we started, that is, we reaped six kilos,” she said.

“Other than the saffron that we sell, we have produced over 20 tons of saffron corn, with a value of close to 1 billion rials (around $30,000),” Amiri said.

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