Iraqi forces capture ISIL’s command center in Mosul

FNA- Iraq’s joint military forces continued their advances in Mosul, and managed to take control of the ISIL’s strategic military command headquarters, two key prisons and telecommunications center West of the city.

“The Iraqi forces captured ISIL’s al-Mojahedeen al-Shishan command center on the left bank of Mosul on Saturday,” Nineveh Liberation Command Center announced in a statement.

It said that the Iraqi forces also seized ISIL’s telecommunications center and two prisons in the same region as the second phase of security operations continues to clear the region from ISIL militants.

Earlier on Saturday, the Iraqi army forces recaptured one more district in Eastern Mosul.

Abdul-Amir Yarallah, the top commander of the joint forces operations in Nineveh, said in a statement that elite Counter-Terrorism Service forces have retaken al-Ghofran district, Southeast of the city, raising Iraqi flags above its buildings.

Iraq’s defense ministry media has put the number of ISIL fighters killed this week at 1757 since a second phase of operations kicked off after weeks of recess.

ISIL remains in control over most of the Western side of the city, which is close to its strongholds in Syria.

The conflict in Mosul has forced at least 160,000 to flee homes to refugee camps since October, when operations launched to liberate the city.