Illegal haul of special computer hardware seized in Iran

Tasnim – Iran’s intelligence forces have confiscated a cargo of contraband including five containers filled with special computer devices in Tehran, an official announced.

In an interview with the Tasnim News Agency, spokesman for a headquarters against commodity and currency smuggling, Qasem Khorshidi, said the big haul has been confiscated by the Intelligence Ministry forces in cooperation with the Iranian Customs Administration.

The cargo, including five containers of advanced and expensive computer devices, had been monitored since crossing the border, but the operation to capture the shipment was carried out in Tehran on Wednesday evening, he noted.

The cargo had entered the country with a false customs declaration, Khorshidi said, adding that it contains a large number of mini-computers, professional filmmaking cameras, and a number of large and powerful servers, each costing about $3 million.

The confiscated servers are so powerful that they could be employed for special purposes, such as running heavy-traffic banking systems, he noted.

The total value of the cargo is estimated at around $10 million, the spokesman added.