Dara’a: Syrian Army gives militants last ultimatum to leave positions in key town

FNA- The Syrian army has given the militants a final ultimatum to leave the town of Mahaja in coming days due to their continued violation of the ceasefire in the region, military sources disclosed Saturday.

The sources said that the army has given the last chance to the militants in Mahaja to leave the town or its forces would storm their positions from different directions.

Mahaja in Dara’a was included in the peace plan, but the militant groups have launched repeated attacks on army bases in recent days, violating the truce.

Last week, the army units inflicted heavy casualties and damages on terrorists in Dara’a province after repelling their attack.

Clashes erupted between the army forces and the terrorists in Dara’a al-Balad when the militants sought to take control of al-Manshiyeh district but the Syrian troops and their allies’ timely reaction repulsed the offensive and killed and wounded tens of the terrorists.

The Syrian soldiers also targeted the terrorists’ positions in the region and destroyed the launch-pads used by the militants for firing missiles.