Electoral headquarters formed in Iranian provinces to organize presidential election

IRNA – Electoral headquarters in the 31 Iranian provinces started activities simultaneously with the State Electoral Headquarters in the run-up to the upcoming presidential elections scheduled to be held on May 18.

They announced the priority to organiza sound, legal and glorious presidential elections on May 18.

Fifth round of city and village council elections and Tenth Majlis by-elections will be held concurrently with presidential elections on the same day.

Interior Minister Abuldreza Rahmani-Fazli in separate decrees appointed Ali Asghar Ahmadi as the head of State Electoral Headquarters and Ali Pourali-Motlaq as director general of Interior Ministry’s Elections Office.

First session of the State Electoral Headquarters attended by the minister was held on Tuesday when he underlined the need for efforts to organize healthy, impartial and safe elections in the country.