Iran condoles death of Archbishop Capucci

IRNA – Foreign Ministry spokesmen Bahram Qasemi on Wednesday condoled all Christians, freedom-lovers on death of Archbishop Capucci, the former archbishop of Catholic Rome Church in Holy Qods.

Expressing regret over the demise of Archbishop Capucci, he condoled the death of the outstanding Christian scholar who spent his life on campaign against occupation of the Zionist regime and the advocate of the Palestinian nation’s legitimate defense.

He also lauded brave stances of the indefatigable combatant in supporting Aspirations of Palestine and his valuable endeavors to lift Gaza siege.

Qasemi pointed out that Archbishop Capucci languished in prisons of the Zionist regime for 14 years and was subject to lengthy exile indicating barbaric characteristics of the Zionist regime in the face of the righteous supporters of Palestine.

Archbishop of Holy Qods Hilarion Capucci passed away at the age of 94 in exile in Italian Capital of Rome on Sunday.