Interior Min. Spox: No security threat facing country

IRNA – Interior Ministry spokesman Salman Samani says there is not security threat facing the country.

Samani made the remark in an interview with IRNA on the sidelines of a meeting on traffic.

He dismissed ‘false’ reports that oil pipelines in Ahvaz are bombarded and said, ‘We do not have any threat of security in the country and nothing has happened.’

‘No such a thing is basically at work and we have had no explosion or security threat; what it was I do not know but (I can say for sure that) we did not have any security threat and nothing has happened. Such issues and constantly all events of the like are monitored in the country; Thanks God, we are in a very good condition in terms of security,’ he said.

Meanwhile, Deputy Minister of Interior for Security and Disciplinary Affairs Hossein Zolfeqari on Wednesday ruled out reports that Ahvaz pipelines were exploded and said, ‘No security incident has happened in the country.’