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Rouhani: People should mind constitutional rights, citizens rights

IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani said on Sunday that the government respects the Constitutional rights of the people and the freedoms envisaged by the Constitution including the economic, social and cultural rights.

In a televised interview, president Rouhani said when the country’s constitution was written down the circumstances were different and now this is the era of social networking and the people demand their legitimate and constitutional rights.

The constitutional provisions requiring the government to provide the people with clean environment, poverty reduction and create jobs should be heeded.

The President derided the critics for attributing to the upcoming presidential election every remedies the government is making and said that the government will do its utmost in the next nine months left to the end of the term in office for welfare of the people and betterment of the situation.

He said that such efforts have nothing to do with the upcoming presidential elections.

The president promised that the government will spare no effort to meet the people demands.

He said that the Charter of Citizens Rights he signed in an executive order last week should be heeded both by people and the government and all officials should pay due attention to the issue which brings more national solidarity.

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