President: Government creates 704,000 jobs a year

IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani said in a televised speech on Sunday night that the government created 704,000 sustainable jobs a year.

He said that one million applicants come to the job market every year, adding that it is unfortunate that 300,000 job applicants remain unemployed every year.

President Rouhani said that the government encourages both the domestic investment and foreign investment to create sustainable jobs.

In the past two years, the number of employed people in Iranian year of 1392 was over 21.300 million and in the past two years the situation improved and the number now stands at 23 million which is remarkable.

The President said that a limited number of countries in the world could create about 600,000 job per year, so that Iran has created almost record number of jobs.

Sustainable economic development and economic growth are the objectives of the government.

The government had decided to register five percent growth this year, the president said. Growth in Iran’s oil income, growth in agricultural products, cultivation of wheat, small-sized industrial, and the country’s exports mainly in the first three months of the year the growth rate stood at 6.4 percent.

The government must attract more foreign investment to increase rate of the country’s economic growth and create more jobs, President said.

Export of non-oil products in the first six month of the current Iranian year was about dlrs 31 billion registering 10 percent growth compared with the preceding period.
The price of foreign currencies will not rise, he said.
Growth of foreign exchanges stood between four to five percent which is quite natural under the current circumstances, he said, adding that dollar gained against euro and UK pound sterling and it was the reason for fluctuation of rial against the dollar.
He promised to see stable foreign currency rates in the next few months.