President Aide conveys congratulation message of president to Christians

IRNA – On the first day of new Christian year, Presidential Aide Ms. Ilham Aminzadeh attended Saint Karapet Church in Abadan city on Sunday to convey congratulation message of President Hassan Rouhani to all Christian follow citizens.

Aminzadeh, congratulated Ms. Sofi Karvazian, who along with her family are the sole Christians living in Abadan, on the advent of the New Christian Year.

In the meeting, Aminzadeh expressed the hope that the New Year could be an opportunity for unity among divine religions, especially Muslims and Christians, and it could be used for Iran’s progress.

Sofi Karvazian (Manukyan), who is custodian of the church in Abadan, asked for more consideration on church and thanked the Supreme Leader for visiting Armenian martyrs’ families.

She talked about coexistence of followers of religions and ethnics in Abadan and added that Saint Karapet Church is neighboring a Mosque here, which proves this statement of coexistence.

The church was built in 1941 and was damaged during imposed war, but was repaired by Rebuilding Headquarters of War-Stricken Regions and in year 2004 was registered as national site.