Iran to have an effective role in intra-Syrian talks in Astana: Churkin

December 31, The Iran Project – Russian ambassador to the UN stresses the effective role of Iran in preparing the ground for a meeting between the Syrian government and opposition delegations in Astana, Kazakhstan.

On December 20, the foreign and defense ministers of Russia, Turkey and Iran held talks on Syria in Moscow. After talks, the foreign ministers adopted a statement trying to prepare opposition forces to negotiate with the government, and put them at the same table with the government.

Russia, Iran and Turkey also expressed readiness to act as guarantors of agreements between Syrian government and opposition, confirming adherence to preserving the country’s territorial integrity and sovereignty and to the fight against terrorist groups.

Stressing the effective participation of Iran in preparing the ground for Astana meeting, Russia’s UN envoy Vitaly Churkin welcomed other countries, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar and Kuwait that have influence in Syria to join the agreements reached by Russia, Iran and Turkey in Moscow on December 20 and prepare intra-Syrian talks in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Churkin went on to say that Russia and Turkey also sent the cease-fire agreement and the draft resolution to Security Council members Thursday night.

The cease-fire agreement, if it holds, would mark a potential breakthrough in a conflict that began in 2011, he added.