‘A Minor Leap Down’ wins 2 awards at Moroccan filmfest.

MNA– ‘A Minor Leap Down’ won the Best Film and Best Actress Award at Zagora International Festival of Trans-Saharan Film on Monday.

First debut by Hamed Rajabi, the film narrates the story of a thirty-year-old woman, Nahal, which spends her fourth month of pregnancy. During a routine check-up she learns that her baby has died and she now faces a curettage abortion in two days’ time. When she tries to address the subject, neither her mother nor her husband give her a chance to speak.

Negar Javaherian, Rambod Javan, Mahmoud Behrouzian, Mehr Al Agha, Sadaf Ahmadi, Saeed Eshtiaghi, Shafagh Shokri, Afshin Liaghat and Zhila Daei star in the movie.

The Zagora Association for Transaharan film is a film festival held in Zagora, Morocco. The festival is curated by international and national figures of cinema, with a varied scheduled program each year. As well as holding a feature film category, the festival holds space for young people toe explore filmmaking through workshops, moderated by experts.