Culture minister congratulates Christian counterparts on Christmas

IRNA – Minister of Culture and the Islamic Guidance Reza Salehi Amiri on Sunday congratulated his counterparts in the Christian states on Christmas.

In his message, Salehi Amiri expressed hope that world people will witness a more secure world in the New Year.

Jesus Christ has been referred to as the ‘Soul of God’ in the Devine book of Muslims and even a Sura in the holy Quran has been named after his mother, Mary, which indicates cultural commonalities, the minister said.

Salehi Amiri said that today’s world needs more than ever to make use of the teachings of the holy prophets to invite the people to peace and friendship and kindness.

‘Unfortunately, in the most troubled world of the day, violence and extremism have given an ugly image to human life, which terrorist groups attribute it to religion to justify their inhumane acts,’ he said.

All divine religions, including Islam advocate ethics, peace and peaceful co-existence of all human beings, he said.

He said that Iranian Christians have longstanding record of peaceful co-existence with other Iranians in the country.