Iran-Pakistan friendship

Pakistan to facilitate gas purchase from Iran

Shana– Pakistan Commerce Minister Khurram Dastgir Khan says Islamabad seeks ways to facilitate electricity and gas purchase from Iran.

According to IRNA, the Pakistani minister said, “During my visit to Tehran, talks will be held on mutual cooperation in energy, especially in power, as Pakistan is to purchase it from Iran to supply power to Gwadar port. Also, we are willing to import electricity from Iran to all Pakistan border areas with Iran. Talks will also be held on Iran-Pakistan gas pipelines and we will try to find ways to facilitate purchase of power and gas from Iran.”

He said that based on the latest information received from Pakistani central bank, “we hope that by the next few weeks, impediments on the way of banking cooperation between the two countries will be lifted and not much has been left until start of the cooperation.”

He said about two months ago, Pakistani cabinet decided resumption of banking activities between Iran and Pakistan and consequently, talks were held in that connection.

He added that Pakistan Central Bank has newly announced that these days are final days to solve banking problems between the two countries.

Dastgir Khan referred to his visit to Tehran in the next few days and said talks with Iranian officials on important issues, including Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and activation of mutual banking channels will be the most important goals of visit to Tehran. “The visit is in all aimed at expansion of commercial and economic cooperation between Tehran and Islamabad.”

He hoped to hear good news of activation of banking channels of both countries in the near future.

“Up to so far, good progress has been observed in FTA between the two countries and we hope the contract between Iran and Pakistan will be finalized by 2017. Of course one year for finalization of such an important contract is a logical and acceptable period.”