Islamic Unity Conference urges removal of differences within Islamic world

IRNA – The 30th Islamic Unity Conference called for removal of differences and filling gaps within the Islamic world in a bid to solve the problems Muslims are suffering from.

In a 27-artcile statement on Saturday night, the participants in the conference urged implementation of plans to this end.

The statement noted that the event which focused on the theme of “unity, a must for confronting Takfiri trends” was held in participation with 250 figures from 54 world countries.

It said that the conference especially focused on the challenges before Muslim communities and called for devising plans to remove gaps with the objective of amending things in the Islamic world.

According to the statement, participants particularly focused on Takfiri schools of thought, the consequences of such a thinking for the Muslims’ unity, the dangers of Takfiri thoughts to the Palestinian aspirations and the obstacles these ideas have on the process of establishing the new Islamic civilization.

The 30th International Islamic Unity Conference was inaugurated by President Hassan Rouhani here on Thursday.

The three-day International Islamic Unity Conference reviewed problems faced by the Islamic Ummah to find appropriate solutions to address such issues.

The participating countries included Malaysia, Russia, Indonesia, Iraq, Lebanon, Thailand, Algeria, Britain, the United States, Australia, Tunisia, China and Egypt.

Happening simultaneously, was the first international Islamic unity’s film festival which presented works from 37 countries.