Iran: Our relationship with Russia is now strategic

MEMO– Iran’s Ambassador to Moscow Mehdi Sanai said yesterday that the “continuous and wide development of Iranian-Russian relations has reached a qualitative and strategic stage,” SafaNews agency reported.

Safa cited the Iranian Fars news agency as reporting that Sanai, speaking at the third annual gathering of Iranian experts and teachers of Persian in Russia, had hailed Iranian-Russian relations.

“The current state of the relations between the two countries and the successes achieved at all levels were unprecedented in the history of our mutual relations,” Sanai said.

However, he said, the relations did not reach the level the two countries had hoped for if compared to the capabilities that Iran and Russia have, reiterating that the level of the relations improved by up to 80 per cent.

Sanai said that bilateral relations are not limited to political and security considerations, but extend to include the fields of economy, culture, education and tourism, noting this is the fruit of plans and projects prepared and developed by officials from both countries over the last three years.

Commenting on the Iranian and Russian policies in the region, Sanai said: “Iran and Russia adopted a correct policy in the region despite the interference of foreign powers that have deteriorated the situation in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya.”

He expressed his hope that other countries in the region would adopt Iranian-Russian policies, considering the upcoming tripartite meeting between Iran, Russia and Turkey slated to occur on 27 December.