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AEOI chief: JCPOA text allows ambiguities open to misinterpretation

MNA – Head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran has lamented the fact that negotiators have left ambiguities in the text of JCPOA which makes it prone to misinterpretation by parties.Mr. Ali Akbar Salehi was speaking to an IRIB program Friday night about the prospects of JCPOA success. He criticized what he believed to be ‘opaque points in the text of JCPOA’ which made it easy to be interpreted by different parties in contradictory ways.

He also was in the same boat with other officials who unanimously believed that extension of ISA was violation of the JCPOA; “I have been telling an Arabic daily that the west was still to implement its promises on easing restrictions on Iran’s financial and banking system; some international banks do not feel free to work with Iranian banking system; this was however an underestimation, since almost all major banks have remained unaffected by the JCPOA provisions in terms of openings for Iranian banking system,” Salehi told the program.

AEOI chief also criticized the US of bringing more than enough pretexts to just evade their responsibilities in JCPOA implementation; “Iran should demand more commitment from the west and merely thank the other sides for a negotiation which still had not produced something concrete for Iran; in technical terms we believe the process is in a good situation; however, with sanctions, we still face difficulties, since JCPOA parties have not lived to their promises in facilitating the smooth transition to second and third phases of the deal,” he objected.

“We do not however believe that the pre-JCPOA conditions have been irrevocably lost and that we still could return back to our former conditions to just take the western sides by surprise; with the valuable experience in JCPOA, in future possible negotiations, an important part of the story is not allowing any ambiguities in the text of the deal, which in the case of JCPOA, there have been some and have been misinterpreted by other parties,” he told the program.

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